Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Press Release: Formation of Erisian Empire

Obscure Micronation Claims Ownership of Dwarf Planet Eris

Group makes interplanetary land-grab without restraint.

Oklahoma City, OK -- (May 4, 2016) The newly formed Erisian Empire has announced that they are now the sovereign owner and ruler of recently discovered dwarf planet system of Eris.  

These bold claims came from then self-styled Queen Lodane of the Kingdom of Vivid.  She decreed, to her citizens, that the Vividian Kingdom has retired given birth to the new Erisian Empire (  An informal announcement was made, on April 30 at 11:11 AM CDT, among some community leaders.

When asked about the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, the newly anointed ‘Empress’ Lodane exclaimed, “The United Nations can kiss Uranus!  They can’t keep us from claiming extraterrestrial real estate.  U.N. treaties only apply to nation-states that are members, and they won’t stoop to acknowledge micronations. You know those jerks won’t even recognize Sealand? Ridiculous!”
Her strident statements continued. Referencing a parody Japanese anime, in which countries are personified and mocked, “Even Hetalia doesn’t throw that much shade!”

The planet, and moon, were discovered in 2005.  Since discovery, and rejection as "the 10th planet," the planet system has seen it's share of controversy.  Discovery and analysis of Eris forced the scientific community to categorize several Trans-Neptunian Objects, including beloved Pluto, as "dwarf planets."

The planet is named for the Greco-Roman goddess of chaos and strife.  Planet Eris’ only known satellite, a moon, is named for Eris' daughter, Dysnomia -- a personification of lawlessness.  Eris is known for starting the Trojan Wars, as the mother to the so-called “evil” contents of Pandora's Box, and being an inspiration for the Disney character Maleficent.

The Erisian Empire plans to sell deeds to land on Eris.  Deeds will be available, tentatively, on July 23, 2016.  Passports for Erisian citizens have also been announced with a release around Q4 2016.  No plans for Dysnomian land sales are being announced at the time.  

For more information about The Erisian Empire, The Kingdom of Vivid, or Eris Land Deeds, please visit WWW.ERISIAN.SPACE or call +1(714)69-4-ERIS


About Erisian Empire: A continuation of the now defunct Vividian Kingdom, the Erisian Empire is a social experiment and educational mind-game. Established to learn about concepts such as caste systems, economics, historical and modern politics, monarchies, theocracies, heraldry, vexillology, civil engineering, and more.  It is executed through personal interaction using artificial social constructs, establishment of state holidays, assignment of esteemed positions, social networking among citizens, and a loose foundation of legal philosophy.  Website:

About Lodane Erisian: Lodane is a media producer and humorist.  She has published online content since 1995, and began writing and publishing a small-press print magazine as a teen.  Educated as a filmmaker, she has helped produce several independent film and video projects.  She enjoys making gaming-related content, religious and political satire, as well as occasionally performing stand-up comedy.  Website:

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