Thursday, February 16, 2017

Best CANONish FemShep (ME1)

If you want to do a "Canon FemShep" Mass Effect run: it's important to remember that Default FemShep is inconsistent through all three games.  That's partially because the engines are all different.  (Also, Default FemShep is kinda blah/gross no matter what.)

This FemShep not only looks "canon" but will also scale-up nicely as you play the trilogy.  

If you want to look like the FemShep featured in all the official (and fan-made) art... and still be a decent lookin' gal (without modding anything) I have the sliders for you!

This is the best Canonish FemShep for Mass Effect (1).

Commander Jane NMN Shepard

Here's a side-by-side comparison of "Default" ME1 FemShep and the one I use.

I made this collage of almost 20 screenshots to show different angles, lighting, etc.

Sarah Shepard
This FemShep is a slightly altered version of Sarah (redhead version) found here.

Below are the "sliders" for this canon-consistent FemShep!

1 means far left. (don't forget to count the 1)

[Facial Structure]
Facial Structure: 1
Skin Tone: 4
Complexion: 3
Scar: 1

Neck Thickness: 14
Face Size: 5
Cheek Width: 9
Cheek Bones: 13
Cheek Gaunt: 13
Ears Size: 1
Ears Orientation: 26

Eye Shape: 1
Eye Height: 4
Eye Width: 15
Eye Depth: 1
Brow Depth: 10
Brow Height: 1
Iris Color: 3

Chin Height: 28
Chin Depth: 17
Chin Width: 23
Jaw Width: 25

Mouth Shape: 1
Mouth Depth: 2
Mouth Width: 1
Mouth Lip Size: 13
Mouth Height: 14

Nose Shape: 8
Nose Height: 1
Nose Depth: 12

Hair Color: 4
Hair: 6
Brow: 16
Brow Color: 6

Blush Color: 3
Lip Color: 7
Eye Shadow Color: 6